The Automated Deal Desk

Glider streamlines the contract process, identifies bottlenecks, and brings visibility into the "last mile" of your sales funnel.


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Tame The Closing Process

Shorten the time from quote to cash

Get deals done. With "one click" approvals and e-signatures, securely share documents, and easily identify bottlenecks that prevent deals from closing.

Spend time on prospects, not process

Glider automates your deal desk with customizable sales templates. Keep deals moving forward and everyone up to date.

Visibility into “the last 10%” of the sales cycle

Requesting status updates and updating records is a thing of the past. Glider shows you, in real-time, how many contracts are waiting on legal, how many are stuck in negotiations, and how many are actually out for final customer signatures. Learn more in this white paper.

Everyone in-sync and working together.

Sales Operations

Glider helps Sales Ops bring efficiency and repeatability to the closing process. Glider provides Sales Ops with visibility and data to make informed decisions. Read More

CFO & Finance

Glider brings brand new data and reporting to the Finance team that is one step closer to cash than CRMs. This means more informed and accurate forcasting, as well as visibility into the most crucial part of the sales cycle. Read More

VP of Sales

Glider helps reduce the day-to-day tactical burden that weighs down VPs Of Sales, freeing them to focus on strategic innitiatives while making Sales Reps more efficient. Read More

Sales Reps

Glider helps Sales Reps focus on prospects and opportunities instead of process. Glider automates the deal desk, alleviates roadblocks, and shortens the time from quote to cash. Read More


Glider helps legal teams manage their inbound requests, track changes across document revisions, passively keep everybody up to date, and archive completed contracts all in one place.


Glider makes it easy to securely request documents, approvals, and e-signatures from customers and external parties. You are always in control of what they have access to and when.

Sales Operations
CFO & Finance
VP of Sales
Sales Reps

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"Glider takes the BS out of the close. My reps are spending more time actively selling, and the dashboard tells me where their deals are, before I have to ask."

"Contracts are so exceptionally critical they deserve more attention... I don’t think we could have started tracking contracts from open to close if we didn’t have Glider
to do it."

The Contract Process

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